Alternative Treatments For Peyronie’s Disease

Any alternative or natural treatment for Peyronie’s disease should be considered a medical emergency. It is thought to occur (but nobody really knows) as a result of one-off or repeated penile vascular trauma causing leakage and immunological reaction.Severe changes in the shape of the penis may prevent a man from having intercourse. Studies have shown that over 75% of men with Peyronie’s disease have stress related to the Peyronie’s. Unfortunately, many men with Peyronie’s disease are embarrassed about the condition and choose to suffer in silence rather than speaking with their health care provider about it, others usually seek help from their doctors because of difficulty with intercourse rather than the curvature itself.The goal of any natural or alternative treatment is to relieve the erection and preserve normal penile function. In this article we shall look at the various alternative and natural treatments for this disease, and see how viable they are. Treatments could include medications, surgery, radiation therapy, Vitamin E, Verapamil and interferon and a host of others.Radiation TherapyRadiation therapy, in which high-energy rays are aimed at the plaque, also has been used as an alternative treatment for Peyronie’s disease. Radiation therapy may decrease pain, however it often worsens tissue damage over time and a such of no benefit. Though it may decrease pain, yet like some of the chemical being treatments being used it has no effect on the plaque itself and can cause unwelcome side effects.Vitamin E And Other Medical TherapyMedical therapies, including antioxidants such as vitamin E and potassium amino benzoate and corticosteroids can be injected directly into the plaque. Vitamin E and antioxidants are considered a more natural treatment for Peyronie’s. The problem with these alternative treatments is that it lacks adequate scientific support and are unproven. Surgery remains a mainstay when conservative measures fail.Verapamil And InterferonVerapamil, a medicine taken by mouth to treat high blood pressure, has been shown to improve the disease. An injectable form of the medicine is approved for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease. Verapamil works by helping break down the scar tissue and allow new tissue to grow. These shots are usually given over 3 months.Verapamil and interferon seem to diminish curvature of the penis. Another injectable agent, collagenase, is undergoing clinical trial and results are not yet available. Its important to note here that Verapamil doesn’t work on all sufferers.SurgerySurgery is not recommended unless the disease has progressed and the curvature has become too severe for successful intercourse. To assist penetration, prosthesis may be implanted but may require a patch procedure to straighten the penis.Penis Stretchers – The Best Alternative Treatment For Peyronie’s DiseasePenis stretchers work gentler on your body. They anatomically designed and clinically proven to be safe to use.One of the main advantage of penis stretchers is that they are non-invasive device can really sort out the curved penis. It’s a lot better than going under the knife or going through radio therapy with lots of side effects.Penis stretchers are worn at specific periods of time. It creates a steady traction force next to the shaft of the penis which triggers the division of tissues. Interestingly they are anatomically designed to be non-invasive devices that use traction which forces the penis tissues to grow safely over a period of months. They are so celebrated that multitudes of sufferers are using them as a preferred treatment option.