Effects of Advertisements

Introduction of a product is very important for companies. Companies should find a way to show their products to the target consumers. Also, consumers want to know what are the current products in the markets. Namely, a bridge is required which connects companies and consumers to the each other. Advertisements are an effective way for this aim. While advertisements give a chance to the companies to present their products in front of the consumers, consumers can aware of new products on the market thanks to advertisements. As a result, advertisements are important for both consumers and companies.Advertisements play a significant role for consumers to get to know the products and compare the products. To begin with, thanks to advertisements, customers can have information about products they have never seen before. To illustrate, before the advertisements regarding 3G modems a few people knew them in Turkey, despite of the fact that it is very common in Europe. However, thanks to advertisements few people are unaware of them in today in our country. Moreover, there has been a sharply increase in the selling of these modems after the 3G advertisements. Another example is “Internet shopping”. Internet shopping were not preferred very much in Turkey just five years ago. However, such is not the case in today. Internet shopping was tried to be common via advertisements which seems TVs, internet and street billboard and it reached its purpose. Some internet shopping sites such as “markafoni” and “gittigidiyor” are getting and getting more popular in Turkey. Unless they were presented to people via advertisements, they could not be such popular today because there is no an alternative way for people to know these products. Second benefit of advertisements for consumers is that consumers can compare the similar products they see in advertisements. In today, a same product is produced by many companies. Therefore, people cannot make a decision about which one is better. People can compare the just prices of the products. For instance, there are lots of detergent labels in markets. People can compare the just prices of the products. They cannot understand which one is more appropriate for them. Since the critical features of products are indicated in advertisements, customers do not struggle to choose one of them. People can compare them easily. Most advertisements explain the strongest side of products such as “the x detergent is more useful for whites”.Advertisements are also important for companies since advertisement are the platform where consumers and manufacturers meet. Moreover, advertisements bring about the competition among the companies. Firstly, companies can introduce their products to people via advertisements. There is not another way which is such effective to introduce. Since consumers see the products in advertisements firstly, more effective advertisements mean more sales that is more profit. Whyte claims that a manufacturer wants to improve a product, there are two things to do: either the material properties are changed or the way consumers respond to it is changed. Advertising is effective in the second way. It usually reaches the success. (Whyte, 2007, para.8) Another effect of advertisements for companies is that producing a useful product is not enough unless it is presented well. Companies which are aware of this fact start to give more importance to the advertisements. To illustrate, according to Jupiter Research: “Total advertiser spending on mobile messaging and display ads will grow from $1.4 billion in 2006 to $2.9 billion in 2011.” ( Jupiter Research, 2006) Secondly, since there is a big competition between companies that produce similar products, the importance of advertisements increases for them. Customers can be influenced by effective advertisements. Mcgee asserts that companies might struggle to sell their products unless people know the products. Therefore, if the product can be introduced well, more people will be attracted and it will be easier to earn money from this product. (Mcgee, 2010, para.2) Furthermore, companies competing with each other can show bad sides of the products of other companies by obeying ethic rules. For instance, a soap label can explain which chemicals are used and these are not used by other labels. Thereby, this competition results with producing of better goods.To sum up, although people are not aware of the significance of advertisements so much, they have an important place in our daily life. For instance, the name of the football league in Turkey is “Turkcell Super League”. Everyone says the name of a GSM label continuously. People starts to be familiar with this label. Namely, not only consumers but also companies benefit from advertisements.